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Huntley & Palmers

In 1822, one of the most famous names in baking, Huntley & Palmers biscuits, began life as a small baker’s shop in London Street, Reading. Within 40 years, Reading had become known as Biscuit Town, home to the largest biscuit manufacturer in the world with cakes and biscuits still known today. While the company is no longer located in Reading, biscuits have left their mark on the town –and its museums.

The MERL is located within what was Alfred Palmer’s (of Huntley & Palmers) family home which also houses the company archives 1837-1995, as part of the University of Reading’s Special Collections. This collection includes stunning artwork from marketing materials and beautiful packaging. We have drawn upon some of our favourite designs to create an exclusive range of Huntley & Palmers merchandise.

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